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Cuntfessions: The Push Toward Classlessness–Or At Least Gaucheness–Continues With Michael Kors Buying Versace

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Just as fashion has reflected the aims of the current generation with a push toward genderless clothing, so, too has it sought to mirror the aspiration of a classless society (which will always be impossible so long as white men who come from a trust fund exist). With this in mind, the recent rebranding of such formerly haughty in their …

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Limitless Potential: Liminality at THE BORDER

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An alchemy of sorts permeates works on view in Liminality, currently on view at the groundbreaking new project space, THE BORDER, at the 56 Bogart building in Bushwick. Charting the uncertain precipice between being and transforming, Liminality features artists John Drue Scott Worrell, Frank Wang Yefeng, and Jamie Martinez working in mixed media to evoke an uncanny and genre-bending surrealism. …

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Tim Kent Paints a New Perspective at Slag Gallery in Brooklyn

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Despite showing up on motivational posters and Internet memes, there’s no concrete evidence Albert Einstein ever said: “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” Seems to be fake news. Still, it’s an interesting thought and one that should be applied, especially in casual scenarios where complex modern ideas are being disseminated-a bar, at dinner …

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The Last Suit

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    I often allow a movie to marinate for a couple days before I say anything about it. If a friend asks how it was or wants my opinion I say I do not know. However, my experience with The Last Suit was different. I knew exactly how the film impacted me the second the screen faded to black, …

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Daniel Buren: Tondi, situated works, at Bortolami Gallery

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Daniel Buren Tondi, situated works, 7  September – 13 October 2018 Don’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most prominent conceptual artists, Daniel Buren, featured in a solo show at Bortolami, 39 Walker Street, New York. Daniel Buren: “Invention and Obstinacy” “Invention and Obstinacy” is how Daniel Buren describes his work. Though, …

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Martin Maloney shows his series “Field Workers” for the first time at JGM, London

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Last night, the London based artist Martin Maloney feted for his large scale “social observation paintings” exhibited his landmark series ‘Field Workers,’ at JGM Gallery, London. Created in 2013, this series of ten paintings conceived from ten related drawings, shows a different woman standing in an abstract landscape of rhythmic pattern and euphoric colour. Often created in a single session, …

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Klea McKenna Steps Into The Light With Bicoastal Art Exhibitions

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It’s not surprising that the San Francisco-based artist Klea McKenna’s earliest memory is filled, not only with various visceral, almost tactile sensory messages from the past, but with humor and drama as well. More so than this, it involves each of her parents, who, depending on the reader, may also occupy a certain chamber in their hearts and minds. (adsbygoogle …

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SOULSIDE: A New Series Of Works by Artist Oussamah Ghandour.

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The notable Middle Eastern multidisciplinary artist Oussamah Ghandour is perhaps becoming most recognizable for creating expansive abstract painting rich in bold, vibrant color and depth, as well as broad strokes. On viewing a Ghandour painting, one is always drawn in by the sheer expressive and fluid nature within his abstract representations of the everyday; making the very mundane pulsate with …

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So Much to Do!

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Things you can do this weekend in NYC: Run to the East Village and hear Private Siren at Coney Island Baby tonight at 730, grab a pizza and be home in time to catch Wyeth on PBS by 10:00. With me so far? Then tomorrow night, go to IFC and see a double feature of the Hal Ashby doc and …

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Susanne Bartsch: On Top

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Whether Susanne Bartsch was anointed or appointed “Queen of the Night” and patron saint of LGBTQ advocacy and inclusion is no less important than her ability to throw a rockus party where the only criteria for entry is making the effort to be fabulous. Face it, we all want to feel special and no one wants to be turned away …

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Death to Preppies: Even J. Crew is Re-Branding to Tailor Itself to Poors a.k.a. People Who Live in the World

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Like so many companies of late that have had to face a “slight retooling” in order to keep up with these increasingly easily offended times (whether that means being more “all-inclusive” in terms of sizing and genderlessness), J. Crew is the latest to fall prey to that thing that has been kind to some and merciless to others: le vingt-et-unième siècle. …