SHIRIN ABEDINIRAD in Conversation with Micaela Giovannotti.

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Shirin Abedinirad is a conceptual, multimedia and performance artist from Iran currently residing in the United States. I came across her work few years ago while doing research on Instagram for a project on women empowerment by female artists expanding beyond the limitations of their own medium and into the Metaverse. At that time, I was the strategic curatorial director of an art & tech start-up advising artists on the power of tech and innovative solutions to authenticate the work, extending it beyond their lifetime. I was blown away by Shirin’s poetic and iconic images: they were absolutely both captivating and elusive.

All Are Courtesy of the Artist & Kates-Ferri Projects.

Shirin Abedinirad: “ALMA emerged from my deep engagement with women’s rights in Iran. The concept evolved as I grappled with the constraints imposed on Iranian women, specifically the mandatory hijab laws. The decision to perform in front of the camera was pivotal, representing a personal and political act of defiance, challenging societal norms and expressing the collective frustration and yearning for autonomy among Iranian women.”

SA: “Mirrors have profound symbolic meanings in many cultures, including Islamic. They reflect light and truth and are often used to symbolize clarity. In my work, I blend these cultural symbols with elements from Persian literature and history, enriching the narratives and connecting them to broader human experiences.”
SA: “Indeed, land art for me is a profound dialogue with nature, where the environment and the artist co- create. My father’s involvement in some of my projects has added a deeply personal dimension.”

Shirin Abedinirad work is on view at KATES-FERRI PROJECTS until May 5th
563 Grand Street Nyc 10002
Hours of operation:
Thursday to Saturday 12noon – 6pm
Sunday 12noon – 5pm and/or by appointment

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