Cerebral Sustenance Daily for the Tortured Worker Bee, Carefree Unemployed Hipster… For You, For Us.

Quiet Lunch Magazine is an art based online and print publication that also highlights other aspects of culture with a hint of sociopolitical discourse. Quiet Lunch seeks to promote various aspects of life and culture with a loving, but brute, educational tinge. When we say, “Cerebral Sustenance Daily,” we mean it.


Our sole intent is to provoke your thoughts, stimulate your senses and tickle your funny bone. The world as a whole tells you to “tune in and cop out. Get a steady paying job, keep your head down and everything will be peachy keen.”

We encourage our readers to form their own stream of thought and follow their own path of happiness that will eventually lead to their inner and outer wealth.

We only hope you enjoy our attempt to forfeit the rat race in favor of a fulfilling, steady jog along the sun soaked beach.


Akeem K. Duncan


Akeem K. Duncan (n.): editor in chief; autodidact; despised by most of the staff.

Akeem K. Duncan (n.): editor in chief; autodidact; despised by most of the staff.


  1. i wanted I introduce myself and my work and say that I love your first issue and would be honored to contribute in the future. If you need a photographer for any assignments going forward please give me a call or email me any time.


  2. Greetings, As ever, I may be late in discovery (i.e. I found issue no.5 on the magazine stand today having missed no. 1 – 4). I became interested immediately, and hopefully only fashionably late. I would enjoy an opportunity to be part of a future issue. all the best, – Mike

  3. I was first entranced by an analysis I read of The Others (2001)… It was thoughtfully presented and incorporated sly humor. I’d love to contribute to the publication, as I feel my writing style is in kinship with the pub’s distinct tone. All my best and with verve,

    Jacob Dunstan

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