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I’m Afraid of Dying.

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I’m afraid of dying I’m afraid of living too long I’m afraid of getting cancer I’m afraid of heights ladders balconies ledges fire escapes bridges scaffolding (except the metaphorical kind) and long escalators (in both directions) I’m afraid of flying but fly all the time I’m afraid of needles I’m afraid of being in a car accident a plane crash …

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Happiness. | A Film by Steve Cutts.

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Happiness is a short animated film about a rodent’s relentless quest to find fulfillment. If the animation looks familiar it may because you saw the viral short Man by Steve Cutts that has over 24 million views on Youtube a few years back.  The short starts with a rodent running alone in a void (individuality) then he (assuming the rat …

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5 Black Superhero Movies That Came Before Black Panther.

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Marvel’s Black Panther is set to make history upon its release next February. With the success of the Netflix series, Luke Cage, comic fans and moviegoers have been foaming at the mouth for a Marvel major motion picture in which the lead superhero is black. Well, Marvel did one better with Black Panther, by hiring a black director, Ryan Coogler (known …

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MOVIE REVIEW. | Guardians of the Galaxy.

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et’s be upfront about this: Guardians of the Galaxy flies directly in the face of most of what has allowed Marvel to make successful movies. Addressing the most far-flung corners of their pre-existing content universe, Guardians uses practically nothing that we knew before the lights go down. The characters are antagonistic, have practically nothing heroic about them, and have unclear …

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Time is Illmatic to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2014.

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Along with Wu-Tang’s Enter the 36 Chambers and The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die, Illmatic is considered to be one of the essential works that marked a second renaissance in east coast rap. While bullets were whizzing through courtyards and hand-to-hands were being covertly executed, a chip toothed younger by the name of Nasir Jones (a.k.a. Nasty Nas) stared out his window …

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The Trill Life of Jeff VASH.

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“…There’s always somebody reaching for something that’s out of their reach or out of their control and they’re trying to fix it.” When you first look at Jeff VASH, you see a walking thundercloud of awesome visuals, ill techniques and supreme vision. But when you actually speak with Jeff VASH, you are met with a tranquil eye of a diligent storm. [divider]SPONSORED …