I’m Afraid of Dying.

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I’m afraid of dying

I’m afraid of living too long

I’m afraid of getting cancer

I’m afraid of heights

fire escapes
scaffolding (except the metaphorical kind)
and long escalators (in both directions)

I’m afraid of flying but fly all the time

I’m afraid of needles

I’m afraid of being in a car accident

a plane crash
being hit by a car
being hit by a bicycle
a motorcycle

a bus
a van
or an idiot on a skateboard.

I’m afraid of bugs with too many legs
most bugs that fly
and all bugs that sting

I’m afraid of rats
mountain lions
and bears, oh my

I’m afraid of pit bulls and that people will judge me for it.

I’m afraid of incontinence
of premature aging
premature menopause
bone loss
vision loss
hearing loss
memory loss
hair loss
and superficial facial fat loss.

I’m afraid of not reading enough

not watching what everyone else is watching

and not listening to what everyone else is listening to

I’m afraid that no one is listening to me
I’m afraid that no one is paying attention to me
I’m afraid of being invisible
I’m afraid of being ignored

I’m afraid of speaking up
being too loud
being too silly
and being too bashful

I’m afraid of wanting sex
missing sex
being good at sex
being awful at sex

I’m afraid of never making out again

I’m afraid of repetitive noise
being annoyed
being bored
being trapped
and being forgotten

I’m afraid of not making any money

I’m afraid of bad skin
bad hair
bad breath
bad teeth
bad gums
and bad decisions

I’m afraid of fire
cigarette lighters
and blowtorches

I’m afraid of falling




and dislocations

I’m afraid of being too hot
too cold
too this
and not all that

I’m afraid of falling asleep
and not getting enough sleep

I’m afraid of dreaming
and remembering my dreams

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