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Federico Guarascio: Mining the Senses through Film

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Film Producer Federico Guarascio seeks to make the hidden apparent. His intuitive style of film production spans across both his art films and short documentaries, linking the human experience to a higher philosophical worldview. From his art film projects to his work as part of the Brooklyn Film Festival-winning team behind The Fourth Kingdom, Guarascio explores the diverse range of …

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Kwesi Abbensetts Publishes Poems.

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The multifaceted Kwesi Abbensetts recently released Poems. A film about a couple traveling through Jamaica, Poems is a far cry from your average artsy cinematic offering. Poems doesn’t break the rules, it simply ignores them. Poems possesses an enduring but delicate dichotomy that teeters on the edge while still remaining tethered to a safe, warm place that could only exist …

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Get into the LOOP with who's who in TIME BASED MEDIA

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This is the best fair I have ever been to. Staged across three floors of the Almanac Hotel, LOOP Barcelona Fair (20-22 November) sits within the context of LOOP Festival which takes place across multiple venues (Galleries, Foundations, Museums) throughout the city 12 – 22 November. Established in 2003 at the dawn of hyper-connectivity (two years before YouTube), this is …

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HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 is All Smoke With No Fire

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There was a moment during the HBO film adaptation of the Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451 that I audibly groaned. Up until that point, I had been enjoying seeing the establishment of this dystopia and the struggle of it’s characters come to grips with its oppressiveness. There was subtle social commentary sprinkled here and there, and I enjoyed connecting the …