When You Were Little You Used to Color. | Gregory Siff at 4AM Gallery

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Mercedes-Benz, Tao Group and Casa Noble Tequila are proud to announce the latest collection of work by the evocative American artist Gregory Siff. The exhibition is a homecoming for Gregory, who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Rockaway Beach, Queens. It is here that his murals in the Rockaway Beach Surf Club bathrooms were included in the MoMA PS1’s show “Rockaway!” The magical, driving force in his evolution comes from the incessant creation of his symbology and where it meets between abstract color and line. This newest body of work embraces the imagination of the inner child through large-scale sculpture, works on candy, an interactive mural installation, coloring books, works on papyrus and canvas. It is upon entry you return to your home block, your hands gripped to crayons and to what it means to be completely elevated by nostalgia.

“A lot of exciting things started to happen when I decided to make art every day. Places I’ve never been were visited, the most interesting friends began to arrive, I could make time stand still or go backwards and as long as I felt something real, my heart could tell the story. I was in my treehouse studio on the phone with my mom and I asked her, “Where did all this come from?” She replied in her New York accent born in Brooklyn, “When you were little you used to color.” -Gregory Siff

American artist Gregory Siff is best known for his distinct emotive style that merges abstraction, pop and action painting. By using ink, acrylic and spray-paint, his hand-style creates iconic “element storyboards” with each image representing an emotional or creative state of mind. Working in a purposeful yet playful manor, his pieces exhibit meaning that is literal yet open for interpretation of nostalgia and childhood. Gregory returns home to New York City for his upcoming solo show, “When You Were Little You Used to Color.” It is here in his hometown where his works have been exhibited in MoMA PS1’s “Rockaway!” and also at the Whitney Museum of American Art for “Vans Custom Culture.” Gregory lives and works in Los Angeles. Most recently his designs were included by luxury fashion house Saint Laurent for their Fall/Winter 2018 Ready to Wear Line.
Photo and Film by 2wenty

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