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Molded by music since her childhood, Aya Maguire, has long been a student of sound. During her senior year in high school, the multifaceted musician — who brings to life guitar riffs, cello crescendos, and vocal gymnastics — truly began to hone her gift.

Six years of growth is reflected within the initial effort, The Sandcastle King. This compelling and complete body of work is bolstered by Americana, Folk, and Indie sensibilities. To help deliver this debut LP, Aya astutely implores a reflective and artistic eye. Tracks like the airy introduction, “Oh My Heart,” which immediately piques interest, and “Two To Fold,” possesses a tangible tenderness that’s reinforced a confident vulnerability.

Proving that she understands her lane, Aya Maguire, next selections: “The Start,” a heavily emotive track; “Water Rise,” the invasively soothing single which is slated for a May 18 release; “Colors” an invitation to ethereal environment of harmonious pleasure; and “There’s No Such Thing As A Portland Thunderstorm,” showcase a cohesive sound that almost verges on becoming redundant. Yet, it’s the inherent unique and quirky demonstrations of creativity that prevent these tracks from becoming banal.

With the next four songs magic ensues. “Child’s Play” grants in-depth access to a romantically tormented heart; the drums and the strings tangle and beautifully become muddled emotions. A surprisingly upbeat and pensive departure from previous selections is found on “Foundations.” The silky warning wrapped in Aya’s warm vocal delivery makes “Internecine Child” truly memorable. To punctuate her sincerity, “How You Breathe” exudes predatory guitar plucks that are heightened by Maguire’s ominous vocal delivery.

Culminating with “The Sandcastle King,” A.M. establishes an impressive demonstration of poetic dexterity. It serves as a polished bookend to the effort. Perspective is fleeting as life’s kaleidoscope of experiences become granules of sand. Stay connected with Aya Maguire; be sure to support The Sandcastle King! It drops on July 13.

“One learns in this process that not everything one feels can become good music — honest emotion is just one necessary component.” – Aya Maguire

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