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Homecoming: A Journey to the Source. | A Ventiko Story.

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Phos Hilaron: From the Masses Rise the Saints by Ventiko debuted in 2018 at Chinatown Soup. The show was an exaltation of togetherness countering the current socio-political landscape in which she took photos of 100 people, or saints, where each saint write a prayer during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. She then created prayer candles of each saint …

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Federico Guarascio: Mining the Senses through Film

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Film Producer Federico Guarascio seeks to make the hidden apparent. His intuitive style of film production spans across both his art films and short documentaries, linking the human experience to a higher philosophical worldview. From his art film projects to his work as part of the Brooklyn Film Festival-winning team behind The Fourth Kingdom, Guarascio explores the diverse range of …

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Defining The Demiurge With Artist Justin Orvis Steimer

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Almost a decade ago, in my earliest days living in New York City proper (I’m a Long Island boy), I met a tall, quiet, slightly shy, longhaired artist at the coolest annual improvisational jazz-meets-blues jam on the Upper East Side. This was Justin Orvis Steimer. The party, thrown every year on jazz legend “Duke” Ellington’s birthday (April 29th), took place …