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Welcome To KABINETT: No Food Pics Allowed.

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On any given day, one seems to expend an incredible amount of valuable time trolling through Instagram–that ridiculously famous (and addictive) social media dragon which beckons us to eavesdrop on the daily lives of our nearest and dearest, as well as strangers near and far–all the while wondering if one’s life is as interesting, as fun or beautiful, or simply as happy as …

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’77 Music Club

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After Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer Prize, the Washington Post blubbered that “Kids aren’t starting garage bands” anymore, and “Electric guitar sales are down 30 percent over the past decade!” Rock and Roll is not dead, former Rolling Stone writer Marc Weingarten declared, but it “continues to lose traction with anyone under 40,” and “it seems unmoored from its commitment …