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Photographer Alex Stoddard is a young prodigy. His imagination is perhaps one of the most vivid that we’ve ever seen. In a pragmatic world where you’re better off getting a job than finding your soul, Stoddard restores our faith in humanity. Being given a window into his world is not only a privilege but a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Welcome Home”. (Courtesy of Alex Stoddard.)

Standing at the tender age of eighteen, Stoddard’s potential is a growing supernova of concepts and execution. The few photos that we have selected today barely sums up Stoddard’s genius but gives a slight preview of what he is capable of. We’re almost terrified of what he will conjure up in his forthcoming years. We caught up with Stoddard over the weekend to ask him a couple of questions about him and his work:

On his inspiration:

“I feel like my inspiration comes from everything I have ever experienced, everything I’ve ever seen, heard, tasted. My inspiration is a culmination of my entire life up to that point.”

“The Journey a Soul Must Take When Its Body Has Failed.” (Courtesy of Alex Stoddard.)

“Bombs Away”. (Courtesy of Alex Stoddard.)

Your work seems full of imagination, how do most of your concept come to light? In other words, what are some of the key steps in your artistic process?

“I am often struck by a single detail that somehow blossoms into an entire story. It might be a color or lyric in a song or coming across a new location while traveling. Something just triggers in my head and a story begins to piece itself together there. I am unable to bring the majority of my ideas to life simply because of my circumstances, because I have no budget or a way to get my hands on the necessary props or models.”

What do you want your audience to take away from your work?

“I’d like little more than to just inspire them.. nothing more, really. I don’t create my work for the audience that will view them. I create it for myself primarily, and it is just an added bonus that there are those out there that are attracted to it.”

“Dreamland”. (Courtesy of Alex Stoddard.)

“Weatherman”. (Courtesy of Alex Stoddard.)

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