Making Up Marilyn.

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Inspired by an image from The Last SittingMr. Joe Black recreates Marilyn Monroe’s likeness with smutty irony. Using what looks to be over a 1,000 handmade badges, the artist attempt to visually articulate the plight of Norma Jean:

“Behind the cross and within the face of Marilyn the badges in this piece show dehumanised women bound and tied, as nothing but sex objects. This surface of pornographic imagery draws out a sense of dislocation and emptiness that Marilyn is known to have felt in her life.”

– Mr. Joe Black.

The Last Sitting is known for being Monroe’s last shoot. Shot by Burt Stern, the three day photoshoot yielded more than 2,500 shots. After Stern gave Monroe the contact sheets, she marked every undesirable photo with a red ‘X’. Monroe died 6 weeks before the photos were set to appear in Vogue, prompting the magazine to dubbed the shoot, The Last Sitting.

Courtesy of Mr. Joe Black.

Courtesy of Mr. Joe Black.

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