PRO TEM Art Series. |x| Gordon Holden. | 1 HOUR PHOTO.

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The future takes too long. Humanity and technology is all about the ‘now’.

The ‘now’ is forever.

Gordon Holden understands the ‘now’ but he is also aware that it does not last forever. He also understands that our insatiable need for the ‘now’ has developed into a casual culture of instant gratification.

In conceptual jest, Holden deconstructs the very fibers of pop culture and mass consumption, resurrecting them in the form of concrete beach balls, reappropriated logos and Frankensteinish posters.

The Eastmen Collective and Quiet Lunch Magazine has teamed up with the folks at Karmaloop to present yet another spectacular chapter in the PRO TEM Art Series. Holden’s 1 Hour Photo is an endearing critique that attempts to scale back to a simpler time — a time when dial up speed was a sign of social status.

Known for his cheeky but potent satire, Holden will hold a fun house mirror to modern society, allowing us all to stop and laugh at ourselves.

JOIN US on Thursday August 21st at Lyons Wier Gallery from 6 – 9 pm!


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