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Stepping away from the camera’s all-consuming and often distorted glare, Vince Staples, uses “Prima Donna” as an introspective journey. The Long Beach wordsmith tackles topics that many the melanin-enriched man may ponder. Through candid delivery the MC challenges several stereotypes.

Angst attacks his vocals as he raps, “…I know, it’s right back to the ghettos that they hope that I go / I know, my pigment is not that of a business man / I know, they think I’m ignorant I’m f**king up my priviledge / I know, that money comes and goes / So, money’s not my motive no more…”

After passing by Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Tupac Shakur he realizes that predatory fame is only further depreciated by hollow illusions of grandeur. The Nabil-directed visual poignantly begs the question, “What’s necessary for a star to reclaim self?” Reality always wins; or does it?

prima donna

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