Hung Out to Dry. | Sally Gall.

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In her series of clothesline inspired photographs, artist Sally Gall transforms a menial chore into a work of art. There is already something graceful and soothing about shirts, blouses, table clothes and bedsheets billowing gently in the wind. Utilizing angles, Gall heighten this allure, creating images that resemble abstract paintings. The series also has a devilish appeal, as some of the photographs look as if you are looking up a woman’s skirt.

quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Tailwind-954x637 quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Oceani-for-Henri-Matisse-954x636 quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Efflorescence-954x636 quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Composition-2-for-Wassily-Kandinsky-954x637 quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Blooms-954x636 quiet-lunch-Sally-Gall-Aerial-Composition-1-for-Wassily-Kandinsky-954x637

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