Paris Fashion Week. | Day 3. | Shine.

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†Day 3. | Shine.†


When it comes to romance, Paris is home to a tons of clichés.


The lights, the buildings, the everything of this city can turn the most cynical person into a cheesy one.


After a day of being fully immersed in fashion, you need a break, and here, people know how to take good breaks.


You can actually walk wherever and find yourself in front of some breathless site like the Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur or Arc de Triomphe. And it’s so special, so charming and chic spending your days like this.


I personally adore this French lifestyle. People here are so naturally stylish. Far from ordinary, but at the same time sophisticated, polished.


In fact, when I was taking pictures of these incredible women, I couldn’t help but stop and think how natural the overall charm must be for those born here.


Acne Studio’s show today was a perfect example of how “Frenchies” break the rules, incorporating rock and urban. What I liked the most about it was their conservative way of presenting this new fashion movement.


As a girl who loves tasteful pieces and researched outfits, my mind was completely blown.


This 3rd day in Paris was an intense look at myself through these inspiring people.


I love being here, but most of all, I love this Tour Eiffel and how it shines at night time.



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