Paris Fashion Week 2014. | Day 2. | Dior is Not Cheese.

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†Day 2. | Dior Is Not Cheese.†

Paris Fashion Week is going so well–beyond my expectations!


Starting this second day in a wonderful apartment in the 2ème Arrondissement. The bright sun and the delicious smell of pastries is the kind of recovery I need after this busy season.


Everything is in the right place, and I’m so excited to walk around Paris and enjoy all the shows in my brand new outfit.


I’ve spent the first half of the day at the Musée du Louvre, loving the weather, looking at some incredibles work of art. But that’s not all.


One word: Dior.


So charming that it cannot be described. When we’re talking about this Maison we better think twice, better yet, three times before manifesting an opinion about the genius behind the collection. The fluidity of the shapes, the cuts, the deep colors… everything is represents the famous “French Chic” that everybody tries to imitate. Not only was the collection outstanding, even the guests were incredibly elegant. The crowd was full of fashionistas wearing prime-cut pieces of the season, and so many others who wore remarkably vintage outfits.


After the intense and tasty fashion break at Dior, it was time for Isabel Marant at Palais de Tokyo where new, young talents were meeting to celebrate Miss Marant‘s creations.

She definitely knows how to play with colour and shapes. Her black and white pieces were breathtaking, which is refreshing in this total black era.


In Paris you can find beauty anywhere–no matter what. But one thing that fashion week is not considering here (allow me to say that) is cheese.


Fully nourished from designers, I did what any good tourist would do and I went to this crazy place called Fromagerie to celebrate the success of this second day of beauty.


With love & full tummy ,


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