Nichole Washington’s Rebellious Black Girl.

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Hailing from Minnesota, painter Nichole Washington has been cutting her teeth since deciding to take a bite out of the Big Apple and is currently on the verge of debuting her first New York solo exhibition at Untitled Space in TriBeCa. Aptly titled Rebellious Black Girl, the exhibition is a milestone for Washington and a well-deserved opportunity to show Gotham’s art world exactly what she’s made of.

The Choice is Yours. (Courtesy of Nichole Washington)

Washington’s work is vibrant, strong and outspoken. Her subjects, which also include herself, neon-colored warriors that appear almost superhuman. We caught up with Washington just hours before the debut of Rebellious Black Girl and this what the painter had to say:

Why Rebellious Black Girl?

Because our identities are so often policed or limited. This a middle finger to all that.

What is the premise of Rebellious Black Girl?

The works push the boundaries of what it means to be a Black woman or girl. A lot of the ideas come from a personal place but I think a lot of women and girls will find them liberating.

What should the audience expect from Rebellious Black Girl?

Bright colors, bold energy, punk attitude!

You have been building up towards this goal for nearly a decade, describe the feeling of landing your first solo exhibition in New York City…

I am so honored to be among the artists who have shown in this beautiful, inspiring, dirty, rebellious city. I love New York City with all my heart and you can see that in my work.

Are you nervous?

I think I’m more excited! I’ve been working towards this moment since grad school and I’m really at the point where what I have to say is really clear. I am a bit nervous!

This is quite a milestone for a young artist, any advice or words of encouragement for other young artists who wish to reach the same milestone?

Patience has been one of the most important lessons on my journey. Also, have confidence in your vision. You’ll come across people with a lot of different opinions on your work-learn to filter that through what you know to be true. Not everyone will love what you do, find those who do and want you to succeed.

Rebellious Girl | February 18 – 28 | Untitled Space |
45 Lispenard Street, NYC 10013



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