Milano Fashion Week 2014. | Day 5.

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† Day 5. †


The last day of MFW, seems like a great sunset after a long, busy, colorful day.

Today Milan was more quiet than the past four days; and the designers that showed on this sunny Sunday went right along with the upbeat mood of the day.

A classy, pleasant shadow of tradition and folk  held the Italian fashion metropolis in a sweet embrace of happiness.

The shows proved to be a nice meeting point for all fashion week attendees who enjoyed the vibe of the past week. I felt in the air a sense of nostalgia for the “rush” that will be missing for the next few months—until the world turns and evolves around the sun to provide us with a new season.


I can’t wait to be in Paris for the last week of the month. But to be fair, I enjoyed seeing the designers of my homeland and walking around events hearing: “Ciao bella, come stai?”

So, here I am, ready for a new adventure. Ready for some pop culture. Ready for some … let me think about it… Macaroons!

See you in Paris.


Salut, à  bientôt.




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