Martín Touzón’s Dissolution Opens at Kates-Ferri Projects.

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It was a frigid Friday night and the weather was nothing short of bone chilling; but Martín Touzón still managed to receive a warm reception with his debut solo exhibition, Dissolution, at Kates-Ferri Projects. The cozy gallery’s energy was at a low palatable buzz, similar to Touzón’s vibrant neon sculptures.

We often look forward to Kates-Ferri’s arrangement. Curator Natalie Kates has a true knack for fluidly displaying their artists’ works and Dissolution is no different. Each of Touzón’s punchy pieces get their moment and this allows the exhibition to be clever and consumable.

“The process (and the title of the show: Dissolution) has to do with ‘openings’ or new beginnings. Basically relates to the brake up of institutions (ie. medias, practices or systems, also couples). One could put the empahsis on the negative aspect of it but still after so much that happened (ie. the pandemia) I try to think about it positively, as a space that opens when things break, an opportunity to change and the possibilities on exploring different things or the same things but from a different perspective.

– Martín Touzón

Touzón’s work sneaks up on you in a good way. It has an ambient quality but there is also an underlying layer of quiet rebellion beneath the pieces as well. Touzón seems to thumb his nose at high art while also committing to the virtue of minding his own damn business and keeping to his creative sandbox. He finds himself in his own world. Using wet wipes for canvases, Touzon lets the colors run and occasionally puts his two cents in when and where he sees fit. 

Dissolution smacks of mischief. Touzón is carefree, dangerous and disruptive. The Argentinian is an artist with a message who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Sounds oxymoronic but it is part of the charm that makes Dissolution a must-see.

Martín Touzón’s Dissolution is on display until March 13th at Kates-Ferri Projects (561 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002) Tell them Quiet Lunch sent you!

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