Katie Peyton. |x| One On One at Terrazzo Art Projects.

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We stopped by Terrazzo Art Projects to check out a new piece by Katie Peyton. Peyton, who also heads Undercurrent Projects in the East Village, unveiled a large scale charcoal piece that exuded such an intimate warmth that it spurred long stares and meaningful introspection. The north end of the piece noticeably rolled up. It created some intrigue, and when we asked Peyton about any “hidden” work, she stated simply:

“The hidden scroll is part of it. Thinking about the idea that something is always hidden or out of reach.”

– Katie Peyton.

The exhibition is a part of Terrazzo’s One On One program and was curated by Joseph Quintela. Be sure to stop by for the piece is on display until mid-September.

Photos Courtesy of Michael Della Polla.



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