No Day Like Joker Day.

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Photographer Dmitry Drozdov and makeup artist Ekaterina Guseva pays homage to Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, with the Joker Day series. With tousled hair and smeared lipstick, models Alena, Ksenia, and Sasha lose their marbles in this playful work. Looking to learn a little more about Joker Day, we got in touch with the man himself–and by “the man himself”, we mean the photographer Dmitry Drozdov, not The Joker. We’re pretty sure he’s a fictional character.

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Courtesy of

Courtesy of Dmitry Drozdov.

Makeup artist: Ekaterina Guseva

Hair stylist: Tatiana Pateeva

Models: Alena, Ksenia, Sasha

Courtesy of Dmitry Drozdov.

Courtesy of Dmitry Drozdov.

On Inspiration:

“Of course the Joker inspired my “Joker Day” shoot. It’s a crazy vicious funny and very artistic character. First it was the photoshoot of Joker Man with his charisma which will be a net in the near term. We decided to make the beauty story of 3 girls who became jokers, had a good time and what happened with them later.”


Do you see yourself being inspired by any other supervillians or superheroes in the future?

“There are a great amount of heroes and villains which can inspire me. Such as Beetlejuice, Marvel heroes, vampires, elves and so on. Wait and soon there will be new characters.” [Smiles]

Courtesy of Dmitry Drozdov.

Courtesy of Dmitry Drozdov.

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