Dazed & Confused in East Hampton.

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Eric Firestone Gallery premiered its group exhibition, Dazed & Confused, over the Memorial Day weekend. Featuring artists such Evie FalciField Kallop, Kelsey Brookes, Bhakti Baxter, and more, Dazed & Confused is true to its namesake, showcasing a dazzling series of “aesthetic emotions” that engulfs the audience in a psychedelic rapture, burning themselves into the audience’s memories.

Dazed & Confused will run through June 15th. Be sure to make pay them a visit!

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Kelsey Brookes_Attentive Awareness 5

Kelsey Brookes. |  Attentive Awareness 5. | 2014.

Quiet Lunch Magazine Evie Falci Mammu_small

Evie Falci. | Nammu. | 2014.

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