Lina Viktor. | Arcadia at Gallery 151.

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Lina Viktor‘s first solo exhibition recently debuted at Gallery 151 in Chelsea. Arcadia features new works by the UK artist, whose decadent gold motif resonates with art enthusiasts from all walks of life.

There has been a buzz around this long awaited exhibition. Seeing an entire show filled with Viktor’s magnificent work was overwhelming at first; it was an overload of glorious aesthetics and satisfied anticipation that resulted in us needing a moment to get our bearings.

Once we got past our initial awe and paid our congrats to Viktor, we took an incredibly slow stroll around Gallery 151, soaking up everything ounce of the 24k  gold that was dutifully laid into the radiant works of art.

Curated by Laura O’Reilly, Arcadia is on display NOW at Gallery 151 (132 West 18th Street). In the meantime, check out some snapshots taken the night of the opening reception.

Photos Courtesy of Akeem K. Duncan. |x| Michael Della Polla | Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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