Courtney McKenna Releases FIRST Official EP

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Newcomer Courtney McKenna recently released her first live acoustic EP. Titled Renegade, the project is a short but sweet two song affair that leaves a lasting impression and has solid replay value. Reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, McKenna’s vocals are powerful, haunting and whimsically sensual. There is growth to made with McKenna’s sound yet this EP still resonates. You can tell that McKenna is taking her time and is putting proper care into her music. Produced by The 83rd, Renegade feel less like an EP and more like a gesture.

The titular track, “Renegade”, is a superb introduction to what McKenna has to offer as an artist. The song is indie folk gold, with an ambling rhythm that eventually evolves into a galloping melody. “Afterglow” is a suggestive serenade that spins until you’re dizzy and you fall into the tall grass, euphoric and satisfied. Making use of its briefness, Renegade leaves you wanting more.


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