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Mad Maximalism: Home Decor Trends

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In today’s tech-heavy world, our sensory-stimulation demands are high, but the supply is more than sufficient- a daily instagram feed is enough visual content to fill up one of those heavy-ass Art books that pretentious-ass folks slap on their coffee tables and never open. The supply is so high in fact, our sensory stimulation habits have been bleeding into the …

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How to Make an NYC “Bedroom” Work for You

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I recently moved back into Manhattan after living in Astoria, Queens for two years. I won’t say anything bad about Astoria but I will repeat what a deli owner summed the spot up with: “Astoria is worldly… but not cultured.” Now, I’m no snob- what I missed most about the city was its dirt, its soot-stained streets that looked like …

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The Color Association’s Emily Mann Forecasts 2018-2019’s Color Trends for Interiors | Interior Design

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Have you ever wondered why Dior chose shades of raspberry and wine for their 2018 limited edition nail polish line? Or why Nate Berkus’ Target collection teems with sandy tones and warm neutrals? Well, you can look to The Color Association of The United States (CAUS) and its color council for your answer. CAUS formed after the Industrial Revolution to …