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Creation is helping to spur the delivery of Caged Animals‘ upcoming album. Not since 2013 has the band released a cohesive album. The as-yet-named album is being crowned with the recent single, “Wildflowers.”

A friendship, a romantic relationship, and a familial bond forms the foundation of the collective’s artistic DNA. This kaleidoscope of shared perspectives and experiences delivers rites-of-passage that are both unique and sonically harmonious.

As he contemplates becoming a father, the stripped and reflective vocals of Vincent Cacchione reverberate with wonder and joy. Sincerity wraps his sentiment as the Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based singer shares how the birth of his daughter, Alaska, inspired the track. “Becoming a parent made me understand something about the power of each individual. How we transcend our humble beginnings and make our lives meaningful,” he explains.

Press play and discover what “Wildflowers” has to offer.


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