What Rules | Gregory de la Haba. |x| Kathy Grayson. |x| Laura O’Reilly. |x| Lee Wells.

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Lots of creative happenings going on during Frieze Week, and one them is the Cutlog Art Festival. Focusing on art, installations, performances, talks, and films, this is Cutlog’s second edition in New York City–it was originally established in France.

Out of the 50 galleries and curators, we find ourselves most intrigued by Amstel Gallery‘s WHAT RULES. Featuring Gregory de la Haba, Kathy Grayson, Laura O’Reilly, and Lee Wells, WHAT RULES showcases four renowned artist curators under one roof! Learn more about the exhibition at IFAC.

Cutlog, along with WHAT RULESstarts May 8th and runs through May 11th at The Clemente (107 Suffolk Street New York, NY 10002)

Courtesy of Cutlog NY.

Courtesy of Cutlog NY.

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