Walking On Air.

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Aside from sewer crocs and the occasional sighting of John Lennon’s ghost, one of New York City’s longstanding mysteries is abandoned shoes that hang from power lines. Where did they come from? What is the significance of their presence? The same question can be asked about shoes hanging in other urban areas across the world, not just New York City.

In the latest film by Matthew Bate, The Mystery of Flying Kicks,  he takes the urban myth by the horns. The Mystery of Flying Kicks is the product of an innovative digital collaboration between the filmmakers and the international public. According to Closer Productions, the team used an online call out and a phone message bank to gather various explanations that gave light to this mystery. The Mystery of Flying Kicks was made entirely from donated photographs, phoned-in theories, video, vlogs, and animation. Get your hands on the DVD → HERE. 

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