To Catch a (Bad) Thief. | Virginaire.

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Just in case you missed it, Virginaire released visuals for their single “Bad Thief.” Consisting of members Alannah Farrell and Jared Oppenheim, Virginaire is a multifaceted duo that marries the mediums of photography and sound. For the project, Virginaire teamed with up cinematographer Carl Adelson.

The group offered a synopsis of the video:

“BAD THIEF Chronicles a day in the life of a wayfaring trans individual who’s found solace in habits that are hedonistic and redundant. Perceptions change as day turns to night, altering the reality that our protagonist has built around him.  As repetition, paranoia and delusions build, will he become another figure in his growing imagination, or will the prophetic dreams repeat?”

BAD THIEF 2014 from Virginaire on Vimeo.

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