National Design Collective. | Cairo Star Cut Clock.

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Imposing and geometrically sound, the Cairo Star Cut Clock is a surprisingly light weight clock made with concrete. Hand-casted in a specially-formulated concrete mix made by the folks over at The National Design Collective, the Cairo Star Cut Clock is also powered by Seiko quartz clock mechanism–which proves that this clock is about performance just as much as it is about aesthetic.

The National Design Collective is headed by Scott Bodaly and Heather Lam. Between the two of them, they have a combined total of 10 years in industrial design field.

All Photos Courtesy of National Design Collective.

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_theNDC_CairoStarCut_01 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_theNDC_CairoStarCut_02 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_theNDC_CairoStarCut_04

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