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Human beings relationship with leather is somewhat complicated. While we enjoy the primitive, almost visceral, allure of leather, but yet we alter it to a point where it is no longer perceived as a living that died and became a handbag.

Tackling this issue with much tact is young creative Victoria Ledig. Her project, Precious Skin, examines (and critiques) our relationship with leather. It also presents a conceptual resolve that forces us to really see leather for what it is, dead animal skin.

“This collection of bags aims to reconnect with the material’s origin and natural beauty.

I took those body parts not normally used in leather goods, as the cow’s head, tail or lower leg and turned them into leather, highlighting their natural forms and textures. These parts would normally be discarded within the process or be processed further into an unrecognizable animal ingredient.

By up-cycling skin parts which would otherwise be considered waste products I wanted to give them a new value and create something thought provoking.”

– Victoria Ledig.

All Images Courtesy of Victoria Ledig.

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