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IISE‘s Natural Dye 14′ Collection is a fine example of traditional technique intermingling with modern aesthetics. Using a Korean hand dyeing method that dates back to the 13th century, IISE offers an intriguing collection that includes sturdy, but stylish, daypacks, convenient weekender bags, and fashionable lighter cases. These pieces are all available in Ivory, Wine, Indigo, and Ash Black. Shop the collection.

The Natural Dyeing Process

First, Korean persimmon fruits are smashed until they become a pulpous juice and then mixed with cold running water. The fabric is then soaked in the juice and combined with various natural ingredients. After dyeing the fabrics, they are laid out on an open field for them to absorb as much sun as possible allowing the colors to come alive. This cycle of dyeing and drying is repeated every 3-4 days for 5 weeks. The fabric is also twisted and bound during the process to produce patterns and textures developed by varying exposure to the sun. Our hand dyeing process creates unique patterns in our fabrics, making each piece one of kind, with its own combination of color, texture, and cut.


All Photos Courtesy of ISSE.

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