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Up until now, Kendall Bouchlas was youngest talent that we have ever had the pleasure of featuring. We say “up until now” because we recently became acquainted with the work of 13-year-old Ashley Keeler. The young photog has barely gotten her feet wet, but has already made a grand splash in our eyes. Contrary to our accolades, Keeler’s work is not the focus here–it is her potential that we love.

“Honestly, photography was a very last minute thing for me. I would definitely say my first official camera that I received for my 12th birthday last year is what got me started in photography. I finally had a camera I could just pick up and shoot anytime I wanted to. Although I wasn’t into photography at the time, I just started with taking photos of myself and friends and would just sort of mess around with them on a online program. But then I had started taking Nature photos, and I sort of developed a passion for photography after that and started taking it more seriously.”

Courtesy of Ashley Keeler.

Keeler has an artist head start in life. While most 13-years-olds are beginning their careers as superficial teenagers, Keeler is on her way to becoming a conceptual artist worth watching.

On her source of inspiration:

“The world. Everything in the world always leaves me feeling inspired at the end of the day between People, Animals, Words and many, many more things. Also, my dreams and nightmares play a big part in my inspiration. Most of my pieces were something I visioned possibly mixed in with a little bit of what went on that same day.”

Courtesy of Ashley Keeler.

Courtesy of Ashley Keeler.

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