The Waterschatten Collection. | Nienke Hoogvliet.

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Now, before you read on, we ask that you open not just your eyes, but your minds. One of the many beauties of innovation is the transmutation of materials. This is why we find Nienke Hoogvliet‘s Waterschatten Collection so fascinating! Constructing a large dining table, a set of pendant lights and a range of bowls, Hoogvliet has employed reclaimed and recycled toilet paper as her primary material.


Before you become too taken aback, let us inform you that these homewares are not made entirely from reclaimed toilet paper; Hoogvliet also used clean toilet in the process. The Dutch the designer used fine sieves to collect the pulp from the water. The Waterschatten collection was made in partnership with the Dutch Water Authorities, which has been experimenting with recovering energy and raw materials from waste water. The Waterschatten collection was shown at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2016, which takes place from 22 to 30 October.

By including the element of brass, Hoogvliet is trying to express the importance of waste management and the value that lies within its innovation—both logistically and conceptually. As a species our on impact on the environment has grown apparent now more than ever. Hoogvliet is offering creative resolve.