WORLD PREMIERE. | “The Messenger” | TRAP.

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With the election looming over our heads like a strange cloud and everyone attempting to make sense of it all, the role of the artist couldn’t more vital. The artist is the messenger, the storyteller, the translator of the past, present and future. That is why we are proud to present the world premiere of a daring, but potent video, by Trap, one of graffiti’s most trap-appleprolific writers.

Trap, who has been graffiting since he was a kid, is a living legend. Shot by Aymann Ismail, the visuals that you are about to watch features Trap doing what he does best; but this isn’t your typical graff video. We caught up with Trap who was more than happy to give us some context.

“Writing on walls has always been a conversation about the people. Graf has always been about creative and individual expression. In this social climate, where those entrusted to protect and serve are often doing the opposite, where the politicians with the microphone who supposedly represent the people seem to have the least in common with the most of us, and where corporations dominate the global advertising platforms, individual expression is more important than ever.”