Point of Origin at The Lodge Gallery.

In by Ivan Martinez

Curators Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington bring Point of Origin to The Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side. With more than fifty artists on view, the curators ask the painters to exhibit their most private tool: the palette.

The premise, as the curators explain in their statement, aims to gain insight on the artists’ diverse creative processes. In their words, the palette provides “a glimpse into the artist’s mind, as well as their practice.” The result, is an explosion of color, and the tender exposition of a side of the artist which is usually kept invisible.


For this exhibition the artist paints the work on to the palette itself, disrupting its concept as a static object and transforming it into a malleable process. In addition, the subject of the work is also challenged as it quickly becomes clear that whatever the painting is of is not really what the painting is about. Although some works are more subtle than others, each painting finds a different path to express that “point of origin” where creativity meets paint, and art is created. Amongst my favorite: Diana Corvelle’s candid portrait of herself at work, sitting in her underwear in the living room of her New York City apartment; across from the Ikea Lack table that so many of us own. As well as Kiera Ingram’s masterful painting of a skull surrounded by flowers, with the edges of the palette roughed up with visible brushmarks on the paint used to create the image itself.

It is often the challenge of an art gallery not to alienate its visitors with airs of sophistication and snobbishness. However, Point of Origin does not have this problem because the subject matter is as brainy as it is intuitive. It is not necessary to read the curators’ statement to understand what is being examined; pair that with the beautiful array of submitted paintings, and a couple of brews from the secret bar in the back of the gallery, and you’ve got yourself a hell of an afternoon plan.

There will be a closing panel discussion for Point of Origin at The Lodge Gallery (131 Chrystie Street) on Friday Nov 11th. Be sure to stop by!


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