NEW MUSIC | “A Way Out” | Youceff Kabal.

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Youceff Kabal, formerly know as YUS, recently released a brand new single titled, “A Way Out.” The song, laced with a poignant instrumental and meaningful lyrics, addresses the need to find one’s self before finding a significant other. “A Way Out” has a melancholic melody that resonates heavily with anyone who is in the pursuit of love and happiness.

“A Way Out”

If I ever find a way out,
would it matter how it came about?
A way to forever be with you, I’d never
wanna go back; when I see her,
knowing there’s just nothing better.
I want you however you want to.
Can I find it in myself, to be me and no one else,
for the one that I want to be with when I can’t
find it in anything else, hoping in and of itself
just won’t do, I’ll need to keep my cool surely to
find a way out.