The Parts of Me. | Brno Del Zou.

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Our bodies may be whole but our minds, our psyche, our very being is compiled from various pieces. Brno Del Zou understands that contrast. So much so that the artist packaged that contrast into one shattered conceptual nutshell.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Brno-Del-Zou-Photo-sculpture-90-x-100-x-20-cm-2500-Euro Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Brno-Del-Zou-Autoportrait-Photo-sculpture-80-x-100-x-20-cm-2500-Euro Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Brno-Del-Zou-Izumi-Photo-sculpture-80-x-100-x-20-cm-2500-Euro Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Brno-Del-Zou-Photo-sculpture-80-x-100-x-21-cm-2500-Euro



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