The Lemieux Effect.

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Photography in motion can be a powerful a thing. It can be revitalizing; an invigorating experience that leaves the soul restless. After you’ve seen enough photographs, you quickly realize that very few photographers can bring that effect.

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

Boston photographer Diana Lemieux is skilled at bringing life to what is still. Her photography is poetry in motion; a song rendered stagnant in the night air; a winged entity stopped in mid-flight.

Although Lemieux work isn’t all about capturing motion, it is however a reoccurring a theme. We caught up with Lemieux and inquired about her obsession with movement.

Your work seems to be very focused on the act of motion? Is done purposefully? If so, what is the significance of this focus?

“I think that motion, oftentimes, brings so much to an image. It can be so emotive. I’ve always been drawn to movement having been a dancer much of my life.”

“The Second Floor Bedroom”. (Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.)

For Diana Lemieux, her photography is a therapeutic craft that provides her with an outlet for growth and self exploration. For us, it is a book full of blank pages — and this isn’t meant to disparage the substance of her work but we know for a fact that Lemieux wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I hope that when people look at my images, they feel something and can create their own story.”

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

A connoisseur of conceptual portraiture, Lemieux has indeed proven herself an adventurer in the land of her own craft by exploring the wilderness of fashion photography.

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

Photo Courtesy of Diana Lemieux.

The two worlds may seem similar but when we asked Lemieux about the transition she revealed that they are somewhat different animals. After all, fashion photography is often conveying a specific, calculated message; whereas Lemieux’s work is as free flowing as a warm breeze.

You are well versed in the genre of conceptual portraiture but describe to us your relationship with fashion photography? In comparison, is your approach any different to how you approach the rest of your work?

“Conceptual portraiture is definitely my first love. I never really had a relationship with fashion photography other than my appreciation for it until recently. I attended a fashion shoot experience in Brooklyn hosted by Miss Aniela and soon after that started shooting with models from a Boston based agency. Fashion shoots are usually much more planned out than my conceptual ones.”

Nevertheless, Lemieux looks to be navigating each world like a pro. Most of all, she is taking her love of photography to new heights.

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