The Best of Volta, Independent, and Scope 2018

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Wow, it seems like eons ago, but it was only last week when I wondered from art fair to art fair, furiously focused, miraculously ubiquitous, my toes bloody murder.

With the Armory week’s circus completed, one can’t help but feeling kind of like an art orphan wondering, now what (oh wait a minute, Asia Art week is here!)

After the buzz triggered by daily bombardments of shapes, colors, moving images and 3D objects of multiplicitous natures subsided, I gathered all the gems that the 2018 edition of The Armory Art Week showered on art lovers, collectors, art professionals and plain curios folks.

Sales were made, people schmoozed and notable attendees strutted their stuff (mostly in black), among them:

Peter Schjeldahl and MoMA director, Glenn Lowry, actor Paul Rudd, Studio Museum in Harlem director, Thelma Golden, curator couple Massimiliano Gioni and Cecilia Alemani, Serpentine Galleries artistic director, Hans Ulrich, Maurizio Cattelan, collector Glenn Fuhrman, and the usual suspect artist and filmmaker extraordinaire, John Waters.

Quiet Lunch’s own Eva Zanardi scoured Volta, Independent and Scope for the very best art, and this is what she found:

VOLTA 2018


Jean-Pierre Roy, ”Landscape with Divergent Perceptual Reference Frames” 2017, oil on linen, 191 x 140 cm, 75 x 55 in. at Gallery Poulsen


John Cox, “A Long Walk Home”, 2018, wood, mixed media at The Current at Baha Mart Gallery


Henri Preiss, “No 391”, acrylic on wood, 2015115 X 102 cm at Galerija Bastejs


Alan Fontes, “Black Lands 1”, 2018, Oil and encaustic on canvas, 71 x 59 in. at Emma Thomas Gallery


Steve Driscoll, “Surrounding Elements”, 2018, Urethane on panel, 86 x 310 inches at Angell Gallery


Didier William, “La Croix a Samedi / Two Sons”, 2018, wood carving, 60 x 48 in (152.4 x 121.9 cm) at Anna Zorina Gallery


KiiK Create immersive, site specific installation created fo VOLTA 2018 “Teleported Dream”, 2018, 10 ft X 39 ft and Eva Zanardi from Quiet Lunch Magazine



Cary Leibowitz, “I’m Hungry I Hate You I Hate Me More”, 2017, High gloss latex paint on wood 18 in diameter, at Invisible-Exports Gallery


Terence Koh, “she changed sunset into sunrise, (astronaut, female, 8 days pregnant)”, 2016-2018, found wood, firewood, fresh flowers,beeswax, custom pin buttons, earth from the Catskills, life 90 X 47 X 35 at Andrew Edlin Gallery


Paul Mogensen, ” No title (Cadmium Red Medium and Ultramarine Blue)”, 2017, oil and stand oil on canvas 96 × 96 inches at Karma Gallery


Werner Büttner, ” Man verachtet mehr als man verkraften Kann (Detesting more than one can stomach)”, 2015, 59.0 x 47.25 in, oil on canvas at Marlborough Contemporary


Cy Gavin,” Bather I”, 2017, acrylic, chalk and oil on canvas, 233.7 x 246.4 cm (92 x 97 inches) at VNH Gallery


Rebecca Ackroyd, “Glory Still”, 3018, steel rebar, chicken wire, plaster, wax, acrylic, synthetic hair, jesmonite, 45 x 36 x 64 in. at Peres Projects


John McAllister, “cymbals of sleep uncurtain the night”, 2018, Oil on canvas over panel, wood panels and burlap on the front only, 8 panels, each panel : 72 ½ × 40 ¼ × 2 inches (184.15 × 102.24 × 5.08 cm) Dimensions installed: 72 ½ × 254 × 84 inches (184.15 × 645.16 × 213.36 cm) at James Fuentes Gallery

SCOPE 2018

Tami_Bahat - The_Reader

Tami Bahat, “The Reader”,print size 7×8 in, archival pigment print onto Canson Printmakers Rag, vintage baroque frame at Van Rensburg Galleries


Jan Kalab, “Navy Cloud 2210”, acrylic on canvas, 48 in. diameter at Mirus Gallery

pim_palsgraaf_Multiscape 15

Pim Palsgraaf,”Multiscape 15″, 2009, Taxidermy Racoon, mixed media 80 x 50 x 120 cm, at NL=US Art Gallery


Anabel Leiner, “Prozess II”, 2011, oil, mixed media and spray on canvas, 70 X 55 in. at Lilac Gallery


Andrew Wapinski, “Untitled”, 2016, Pigmented ice, acrylic, ink, and graphite on linen mounted panel at Seraphin Gallery, 75” x 65” x 2.5”


Kinki Texas, “Aero Plot”, 2017, 210 x 170 cm, Mixed media on canvas at Galleri Oxholm


Angelo Brescianini, “58 Spari Di Fucile Calibro 5”, Metal, 39 3/8 × 39 3/8 in, 2014 at Wook + Lattuada Gallery

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