Tei Shi Covers Beyoncé’s “No Angel”.

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Tei Shi recently covered Beyoncé’s “No Angel,” and the web fell into a swoon. Putting her own ethereal spin on the tune, Tei Shi flaunts an airy, but sultry bravado that allows her to really own this cover.

The singer had her reasons for recording her take on the song, she told Rookie:

“I heard Beyoncé when it first came out, and that song just stood out to me. It seemed a bit different from what I was used to hearing from Beyoncé—it has an edgier, less-pretty vibe to it. So immediately I was like, ‘I want to sing this and mess around with it.’ I started putting it together with my band, and the live response was positive enough that I was motivated to do a recorded version.”

– Tei Shi

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