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One of our favorite artists, Mike Savino, a.k.a. Tall Tall Trees, has just launched a campaign on Pledge Music to raise money to sponsor the making of his new album. Like many independent musicians, Tall Tall Trees makes his own way, relying on his talent, his sense of adventure, and the good people around him to make the life of a full-time musician possible.

Working with friend and fellow independent musician, Kishi Bashi, Tall Tall Trees’ new record will surely be a ground-breaking musical composition starring his trusty banjotron and his infamous mane. In order to better understand this fundraising project, please watch the hilariously entertaining video in which Tall Tall Trees, sitting comfortably by a fireplace in a knit Grampa sweater, explains the project and gives you a heavy dose of his infectious personality and awesome weirdness.

Learn more about the man and the project on his Pledge Music page HERE:

And as always, remember: the best way to support your local artists is to show up!

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