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Kwesi Abbensetts Publishes Poems.

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The multifaceted Kwesi Abbensetts recently released Poems. A film about a couple traveling through Jamaica, Poems is a far cry from your average artsy cinematic offering. Poems doesn’t break the rules, it simply ignores them. Poems possesses an enduring but delicate dichotomy that teeters on the edge while still remaining tethered to a safe, warm place that could only exist …

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Kwesi Abbensetts presents Pepperpot.

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We are huge fans of Kwesi Abbensetts here at Quiet Lunch, so you can only imagine our delight when we discovered that the artist recently debuted a charming photozine titled Pepperpot. Sharing its namesake with a popular and delicious Guyanese dish, Pepperpot is a gathering of striking images shot by Abbensetts. As a whole, the zine is a collective snapshot of Abbensetts’ …