Kwesi Abbensetts presents Pepperpot.

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We are huge fans of Kwesi Abbensetts here at Quiet Lunch, so you can only imagine our delight when we discovered that the artist recently debuted a charming photozine titled Pepperpot. Sharing its namesake with a popular and delicious Guyanese dish, Pepperpot is a gathering of striking images shot by Abbensetts. As a whole, the zine is a collective snapshot of Abbensetts’ photography experiences and his undying affinity for image making. It also a great way for potential collectors to become familiar with Abbensetts work.

The first issue of Peppapot is now available for purchase online via Abbensetts’ website.

“This is a personal venture of my art and an exploration of the many ways to present it to the world. 
On a cultural level, I also want to show black beauty to the rest of the world and to be in control of this vision. This magazine is an extension of my cultural pride and beauty that exists in blackness and in the world.”
– Kwesi Abbensetts

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