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RECAP: Cecilia Collantes presents PARACAS: Comrades of the Wind.

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Peruvian interdisciplinary artist Cecilia Collantes presented a one-night-only multimedia performance titled ”PARACAS: Comrades of the Wind” at the renowned East Village exhibit space Ideal Glass. The performance took place in front of Collantes’ mural which was done in collaboration with graffiti artist Outer Source. The mural was inspired by 3000-year-old pre-Incan supernatural shamanic characters and depicts ancient iconography from the Paracas culture, colliding in cosmic space …

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19-Year-Old Artist And Producer Joel Ronson Drops “Waiting For You” Exclusive Music Video And Interview.

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Joel Ronson, a beyond precocious 19-year-old producer, composer and multi-hat musician, doesn’t have a middle name, so he did what any creative kid would do: he made one up. “I used to pretend that it was Bruce,” he says with his delightfully soft yet calculated English accent while crafting a hand-rolled cigarette out on the sunny back patio of an …