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Cuntfessions: The Push Toward Classlessness–Or At Least Gaucheness–Continues With Michael Kors Buying Versace

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Just as fashion has reflected the aims of the current generation with a push toward genderless clothing, so, too has it sought to mirror the aspiration of a classless society (which will always be impossible so long as white men who come from a trust fund exist). With this in mind, the recent rebranding of such formerly haughty in their …

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Stefano Gabbana & The Privilege of Gay Male Fashion Designers: Calling Women Ugly

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As though to coincide with Madonna’s latest Steven Klein-directed advert for MDNA Skin assuring us, “The perception of beauty is all an opinion, and opinions come and go,” Stefano Gabbana’s recent comments about Selena Gomez’s lack of beauty–to be more specific, “è proprio brutta”–are in keeping with an age-old privilege of gay male fashion designers: laying down their uncensored assessments …