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This past Sunday, Michael Della Polla and I grabbed our smartphones and cameras to explore the city in which we are so lucky to live in. We were thirsty for an adventure, and New York City did not disappoint.

We caught wind of one of those really cool Sunday meet-ups. It was the kind of event made to help us put down our touch screen phones and tablets, and have an old fashioned conversation with some of the cool folks in the art community.

Michael received an Instgram-only invite to a meet-n-greet brunch Called #InstaMeetWV.  Hosted by Zio and Sons and Taste The Style at The Garrett–which happens to be on top of one the West Village’s best pizza shop, Five Guys. #InstaMeetWV was created to bring social engagement into the real world.

People enjoyed artisan cocktails, snacks, and sweets from Nourish Kitchen Table, Pagani NYC, & Cayrum. We got to network work with some of the local artists/makers like Frances Palmer, BRRCH, and Men In Cities; as we were encouraged to eat, drink, talk and most importantly share.

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