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After stopping by a friend’s house to get a quick recharge, it was my turn to find the next venture. Luckily, I came across a great art event hosted by #StonehengeArt called #ClashInThePark, a live art battle right smack in the middle of  Midtown Manhattan.


#ClashInThePark puts four artists up against each other with each artist being given 3 hours to create and complete an art piece. Once time is up, the crowd determines the winner through a series of applause and cheers; the victor’s reward is bragging rights amongst their peers. This particular art battle featured some of our favorite artists like, Chris RWK, Claw Money, and Danielle Mastrion. Check out some of the pics below and let us know who you think won this art battle.

BTW: If you have any cool ideas for a Sunday Funday that you would like to share or would like Quiet Lunch to put together, email us here →  Sunday Funday Ideas ←

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