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The world’s first vaccine to cure alcoholism is in clinical trials in Chile. Addictions to alcohol are linked to those who usually have social issues.  Often needing a drink to “loosen up,”  they are driven to drinking by a particular malfunction–a malfunction referenced as: SHYNESS.

The vaccination is said to help with a chemical imbalance, which is only a small sector of the problem, the rest is mental challenge. The vaccination will not cure the problem once the addiction has settled into a higher gear, but it can help those who are on track.

How does this ‘Alcoholism Vaccine’ work? Well, you get faded at the touch of the substance.  Drunk symptoms are the immediate reaction, then splitting headaches and nausea.  The after party that isn’t the after the party will start making a preliminary debut.

Starting February, mice testing will commence and it will determine how much of a dosage will be needed. This vaccine, which is currently reference as aldh2 antisense RNA, sends a message to the liver that it is time to ‘up the ante’ on the hangover.  The frequent morning sayings of  ‘I will never drink again,” will start taking place while you are at the bar.

According to Dr. Asnejo, director of the Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology at Universidad de Chile, phase one of pre-clinical trials will take place in India. If successful,  the vaccinations will be available in two years.

Once this vaccination gets in your system there is no way to reverse it and it remains there for six months to a year… “Good Bye Margaritas!  Helloooo Seltzer Water…”

[Courtesy of Santiago Times.]

Written by Jessica Marti.↓

Jessica Marti (n.): contributing writer; will sock you in the face if you rhyme her last name with 'party.'

Jessica Marti (n.): contributing writer; will sock you in the face if you rhyme her last name with ‘party.’

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